Otokar from Turkey presents its full range of wheeled and tracked armored vehicles at IDEF 2021


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Otokar from Turkey presents its full range of wheeled and tracked armored vehicles at IDEF 2021

Turkish company OTOKAR, a global leader in the manufacturing of wheeled and tracked armored vehicles displays its full range of military products at IDEF 2021, International Defense Exhibition that was held in Istanbul, Turkey in August 2021. OTOKAR armored vehicles at IDEF 2021, Akrep IID with 90mm cannon, ARMA 8×8 with Nefer 30mm turret, ARMA 6×6 with 25mm MIZRAK turret, ARMA 8×8 with 35mm KORHAN turret, Cobra II APC 4×4 armored personnel carrier, Cobra II MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush protected) variant, Cobra II medical evacuation armored vehicle, URAL 4×4 light tactical vehicle, Tulpar tracked armored with with 105 mm COCKERILL 3105and one with 30 mm MIZRAK turret system and the Tulpar-S tracked amphibious armored vehicle.

Summary of this video:
00:00 INTRO
00:27 Ahmet Serdar GörGüc General Manger of Otokar presents new products launched at IDEF 2021.
01:24 AKREP-II D Otokar 4×4 armored vehicle with John Cockerill 90mm CSE 90LP turret
02:04 ARMA 6×6 wheeled armored vehicle APC
02:49 ARMA 6×6 with OTOKAR unmanned turret MIZRAK armed with one 25mm automatic cannon
02:56 ARMA 8×8 armored vehicle fitted with Aselsan NEFER unmanned turret armed with one 30mm automatic cannon
03:06 ARMA 8×8 with Aselsan manned turret Korhan armed with one 35mm automatic cannon
03:40 Cobra II 4×4 armored vehicle
03:55 Cobra II MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush protected Vehicle variant
04:25 Cobra II medical evacuation armored vehicle
04:48 Ural 4×4 Light tactical armored vehicle in APC version
05:39 Tulpar tracked armored vehicle with 30 mm MIZRAK turret
05:58 Tulpar light tank with 105 mm John COCKERILL 3105 weapon station
06:30 Tulpar-S tracked amphibious armored vehicle
06:50 OUTRO

Read more news about OTOKAR at this link

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