Russian warships hold missile firings in the Sea of Japan


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The Russian Pacific Fleet’s Varyag missile cruiser and the Admiral Tributs large anti-submarine ship conducted anti-aircraft missile firings in the Sea of Japan on Monday, TASS agency reported.

“The crews of the Russian Fleet’s Guards Order of Nakhimov Missile Cruiser Flagship Varyag and the Admiral Tributs large anti-submarine warship held planned drills in the Sea of Japan, where air defence launches of the Fort, Klinok and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems against high-speed flying targets as part of the final inspection for the summer training period were carried out,” the report says.

Target missiles launched from small missiles and anti-submarine ships were fired upon. “In total, 10 missile launches were carried out as part of practical actions,” the press service reported. Twelve warships and support vessels of the Pacific Fleet were provided to the exercise, they carried out tasks to close the area of rocket firing.

The Varyag missile cruiser belongs to the Project 1164 class. The main armament of the cruiser comprises 16 anti-ship missiles of the P-1000 Vulkan complex with a range of at least 700 kilometers. The cruiser is protected from enemy planes, helicopters and missiles by the S-300F Fort and Osa-M anti-aircraft systems, as well as AK-630 calibre 30 mm six-barreled artillery mounts. The ships are equipped with two five-tube 533-mm calibre torpedo launchers, two rocket-propelled bomb launchers designed to fight enemy submarines, and a helicopter. The arsenal also contains an AK-130 artillery launcher with 130-mm calibre rapid-firing guns, the firing range is 23 km.

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