Yantar Shipyard to resume the construction of Russian Oceanographic Research Vessel


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Yantar Shipyard and the Russian Ministry of Defense signed an additional agreement to extend the contract for the construction of oceanographic research vessel “Eugene Gorigledzhan”, which sets out the period of completing the work.

The construction was officially suspended at November 2018, throughout 2019 negotiations were held and issues were resolved between shipyard and the Russian government.

“At the moment, we have begun actively to work in order to clearly and quickly resolve issues affecting the delivery time of the vessel, especially regarding equipment supplies. Additionally, a draft master schedule has been developed, which requires a short time to complete a number of activities, including the workshops and counterparty organizations, ”said the project manager.

The main task of the oceanographer Eugene Gorigledzhan is conducting underwater technical work. The displacement of the vessel intended for underwater technical work is 4 thousand tons. The vessel fits 32 crew members and 25 expedition staff. The ship was designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau.

Construction of the oceanographic research vessel of project 02670 “Eugene Gorigledzhan” (Yantar shipyard)

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